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Our Mission

Empowering Athletes, Enriching the Environment: HANKS' Shared Purpose

Our Mission

At HANKS, we're more than just a team – we're a diverse collective of athletes and environmentalists driven by a shared mission. Our goal is clear: to lead the way towards a future where athletes can achieve peak performance without sacrificing the health of our planet. Through innovation, sustainability, and a passion for both sport and the environment, we're paving the path for a brighter, greener future where athletes thrive in harmony with nature.

Partnering With our Local Friends

At HANKS, we take pride in our commitment to American craftsmanship and sustainability. Every pair of HANKS shoes is meticulously crafted right here in the USA, from start to finish. We believe in supporting local communities and minimizing our carbon footprint. From hardy vegan leathers to cutting-edge performance textiles, each component is carefully selected for quality and durability. By keeping our production process close to home, we ensure that every pair of HANKS shoes not only meets our high standards but also contributes to the strength and resilience of American manufacturing.

Restore Your Shoes

We'll Resole and Repair any pair of HANKS shoes to give them new life.

We're working with local cobblers to make resoling and repairing that much more convenient too, stay tuned..

how hanks was born

The shoe’s kept piling up in my closet. Shoes that I burned through quicker than expected. Shoes that ripped on me early. New models that didn’t feel the same as the old. The list goes on.

As an Ultrarunner seeking simplicity and consistency, I just wanted a shoe that I could rely on and not have to constantly worry about switching out.

Then one day, I was playing with my friend's golden retriever Hank and it hit me - I looked at his paws and thought to myself, this dog only needs one set for his entire life and they'll never need to be replaced. Not only that but he had a sole for every surface! The ultimate form of "sustainable footwear" I thought. And this is the mindset I brought into designing Hanks - shoes that are designed to last and not be another sneaker to burn through and replace right away.

I’m excited to introduce you to our first line of runners and I can’t wait to see where they take you next!